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Black Gucci Sandal

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Black Gucci Sandal







This Sandal from Gucci is a timeless piece. Black Sandal is a chic and eye-catching choice for your fancy look. The Sandal is in very good gently pre-owned condition and authenticity is already verified by our expert team. Do not miss the opportunity to add this beautiful and fashionable Gucci Sandal to your everyday collection. Leather golden metal accessories detailed high-heeled sandals. Heel height 6 cm.


Black  Gucci Sandal
Größe 35,5
359,40 € 145,72 €
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Fashion Cruz
Istanbul Gayrettepe
TR-34000 Istanbul / Turkey




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This hereby Membership Agreement (“Agreement”); between the owner of FashionCruz
The BUYER shall be hereinafter referred to as “Party” individually and “Parties” collectively.
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Services: Refers to the applications implemented by FASHIONCRUZ to ensure Members perform the functions and transactions defined in the hereby Membership Agreement.

LPPD: Refers to The Law on Protection of Personal Data no 6698.

User/Visitor: Refers to people who visit without becoming a member of the website.

Guest User: Refers to people who shop from without becoming a member of the website.

3.1. In the case of dispute concerning the person to which the rights and liabilities of membership belong and the persons in question submitting a request with FASHIONCRUZ in this respect, the person who last made a payment to FASHIONCRUZ for any given Service via the relevant Membership account will be accepted as the owner of the Membership account and action will be taken accordingly.

3.2. In the case where a Member wishes to initiate a legal transaction or a purchasing process in relation to the campaigns and/or advertisements displayed on the Platform, they accept and express that they are obliged to fulfill all legal obligations and complete all legal procedures required, including those stated on the Platform, and that FASHIONCRUZ shall not be responsible to be aware of or to undertake the obligations and procedures in question.

3.3. The Member, with regards to the transactions and correspondence they carry out via the Platform, accept and express they will adhere to the provisions in this hereby Membership Agreement, to the applicable legislations and to the code of ethics. The legal and criminal liabilities related to the Member’s actions and transactions within the Platform rest with the Member.

3.4. Pursuant to the applicable legislations, in the event a request submitted by competent authorities, FASHIONCRUZ will be able to share the information it has, related to the Member, with the authorities in question.

3.5. In cases of forgery, fraud, misuse of the Platform, and offences which may constitute a crime in terms of the Turkish Criminal Law, personal data obtained from Members during the process of membership via the Platform and/or shopping, may be provided to other Members who may be parties to an offense , limited to the issue in request for parties to exercise their legal rights and limited to this context.

3.6. The Member shall not use the Platform in a manner that is contrary to law and morality, especially in the following cases.

3.6.1. Using the Platform as a database on behalf of any person, to create a recording or directory, to check, update or modify;

3.6.2. Using the Platform to disrupt it completely or partially, to alter it or use it for reverse engineering purposes;

3.6.3. Carrying out transactions with false information or by using another person’s information, false or misrepresented residential address, electronic mail address, contact, payment or account details included, incorrect or misrepresented personal data usage for creating fake Membership accounts and the misuse of these accounts in relation to the Membership Agreement or applicable legislations , using another Member’s account without permission, acting as another person or acting as a party or participator with an false name;

3.6.4. The use of comment and rating systems for purposes which are irrelevant to the Platform such as publishing the comments on the Platform in places other than the Platform, or in ways that are irrelevant to its purpose such as using it to manipulate systems;

3.6.5. For a virus or other harmful software to spread throughout the Platform, the Platform’s database, any content on the Platform;

3.6.6. For actions which will cause an overload on the technical systems and communications or harm the technical process to take place, for “screen scraping” software or systems to be used on the Platform without FASHIONCRUZ’s written consent, such as automatic programs, robots, web crawlers, spiders, data mining and data crawling, and for any content on the Platform, completely or partially, to be copied, published or used.

3.7. The Member is responsible for carrying out transactions on the Platform without causing FASHIONCRUZ material and the Platform technical harm under any circumstances. The Member accepts and guarantees that they have taken all necessary precautions to protect the Platform from all kinds of harmful programs, viruses, softwares, unlicensed products, trojans, etc., including using security software and licensed products.

3.12. Usage of the Platform or its contents contrary to the conditions of use indicated in the hereby Membership Agreement or applicable legislation provisions will be deemed contrary to the law; FASHIONCRUZ reserves the right to file lawsuits suits, bring claims and pursuance.

4.1. Processing of Personal Data:

FASHIONCRUZ gives importance to adherence to all kinds of regulations, including the LPPD, when it comes to processing personal data obtained from Members via the Platform to benefit from the Services offered on the Platform, as well as ensuring the security and protection of these data. In this context, FASHIONCRUZ collects, uses, transmits and processes personal data provided by Members in other ways, pursuant to the Policy for Privacy and Protection of Personal Data and this hereby Agreement found on the platform The Policy for Privacy and Protection of Personal Data is an inseparable part of this hereby Membership Agreement.


The Personal Data that the Member is required to submit in order to gain the Membership status are processed;

With the aim of ensuring the rights and liabilities arising from the Membership Agreement for FASHIONCRUZ and the Member are performed ,

With the aim of fulfilling the legal obligations arising from the Membership Agreement pursuant to the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and the Turkish Code of Obligations,

Pursuant to the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Trade, the Turkish Commercial Code, Law no. 5651 and the Tax Procedure Law (in relation to regulations),

With aim of being able to offer you, as our Member, discounts, opportunities and benefits according to your personal taste and preferences and to send commercial electronic messages upon your approval,

In the context of various CRM applications we use in order to increase your customer satisfaction/loyalty.

4.3. Use and Rights Regarding Your Personal Data:

Your rights to know whether As FashionCruz your personal data are processed in line with the aims we have indicated above,

Learn whether or not personal data have been processed,

Request information on the procedure, if personal data have been processed,

Obtain information on the purpose of processing personal data and find out whether personal data were used as fit for the purpose,

Obtain information about the third persons to whom personal data were communicated domestically or abroad,

Request the correction of personal data that may be incompletely or inaccurately processed,

Request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the provisions set forth in the 7th clause,

Request that the third parties to whom personal data are transferred are informed about the transaction made pursuant to sub-paragraphs (e) and (f),

Objection to the occurrence of a result which is at the detriment of the person concerned by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,,

Has the right to request compensation for damages in the case damages are sustained as a result of the illegal processing of personal data.

For more information regarding the use of personal data and related conditions and your rights, you may study our Policy for Privacy and Protection of Personal Data and exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to the address The e-mail address you will be using must be the e-mail address you submitted during your FashionCruz order process. Otherwise, requests received from other e-mail addresses will not be taken into consideration.

4.4. Transmitting of Personal Data:

For the planning and implementation of marketing processes of products and services for you, the planning of processes related to obtaining the highest benefit from the products and services the company offers, your identification details, contact details, purchase order information and marketing information which you have shared within the scope of your legal relationship with FashionCruz, will be shared by FashionCruz :

With cargo companies to ensure delivery of products you have purchased to your or to another indicated address,,

To conduct targeting, profiling and analyses upon determining user habits.

With reference to the commercial electronic message approval you may have given FashionCruz during your membership process; to offer discount campaigns, to present specialized content, digital marketing, on-site remarketing and advertising,

In the context of planning and development of company business and strategy based processes, evaluation, analysis and optimization operations in relation to advertisements,

Market research and surveys in the context of planning and implementation of market research operations for the sales and marketing of the products and services offered by the company, with our domestic and overseas business partners when necessary and to a sufficient degree.

4.5. Data Security Measures:

FASHIONCRUZ takes all necessary measures to ensure that personal data is protected in a secure manner pursuant to LPPD and for the prevention of unauthorized access and illegal data processing. In this context:

Web Sites which record Personal Data open with “https.” This way, unauthorized 3rd parties are prevented from seeing the personal data shared by the Member on the web site -s.

WAF and CDN are used for protection of personal data against outsourced threats.

Limited access of relevant departments within the company to Members’ personal data is ensured with an Access Authorization and Control matrix.

Members’ personal data are shared at a necessary degree with Cargo Companies or 3rd Party Companies we receive Data Processing services from.

Secure channels are being used for sharing Members’ personal data in an electronic environment.

You may view our Policy for Privacy and Protection of Personal Data for more information in relation to data security.

4.6. Changes and/or Updates of Your Personal Data

Members can make changes on their transactions before their item is shipped. To do that they need to contact FashionCruz at

4.7. Preservation Periods of Personal Data:

Your personal data processed in reference to your membership are preserved by FashionCruz, limited to the periods of time indicated below:

As long as the membership status is valid,

Your traffic information – 2 years, pursuant to Law no.5651,

Upon ending of membership status:

5 years, 10 years pursuant to TCC and TPL,

1 year, pursuant of the Electronic Trade regulation as of the date you retract your commercial electronic message approval.

Records related to all electronic trade, 3 years pursuant to Electronic Trade regulations,

10 years pursuant to the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and Turkish Code of Obligations.

After these periods have elapsed , your personal data will be anonymized and used by FASHIONCRUZ.

The intellectual property rights of the “FashionCruz” brand and logo, “FashionCruz” Platform design, software, domain name and all kinds of trademarks, designs, logos, trade dress, slogans and other content produced by FASHIONCRUZ in relation to these, belong to FashionCruz. Members cannot use, share, distribute, exhibit, copy or reproduce work derived from the property of FASHIONCRUZ or its subsidiaries which are subject to intellectual property rights, without written consent. Members cannot use the mobile application or the Platform, in full or partially, in another environment without the written consent of FASHIONCRUZ. In the case where a Member or third parties act in breach of the intellectual property rights of FASHIONCRUZ, the Member is obliged to compensate for the direct and indirect harm and costs of FASHIONCRUZ and/or the third party in question.

FASHIONCRUZ can unilaterally amend all kinds of policy, provision and condition as they see fit, including the Policy for Privacy and Protection of Personal Data by means of announcing via the Platform, provided that they comply with the applicable legislation provisions. Changing provisions in the hereby Membership Agreement will become valid as of the date they are announced on the Platform, remaining provisions will remain valid to generate verdicts and results.

In the event that insurgency, embargo, government intervention, rebellion, invasion, mobilization, strike, lockout, work actions or strikes, cyber attacks, communication problems, infrastructure and internet breakdowns, system improvement and renewal work and breakdowns that may occur due to these, electricity cuts, fire, explosions, storms, floods, migration, epidemics or other natural disasters or other events which are beyond the control of, which cannot be attributed to FASHIONCRUZ and cannot be foreseen (“Force Majeure”) prevent or delay FASHIONCRUZ from fulfilling the obligations of the hereby Membership Agreement, FASHIONCRUZ cannot be held liable for the prevented or delayed obligations due to Force Majeure and this situation cannot be deemed as a breach of the hereby Membership Agreement.

8.1. Members accept that in the case of a dispute which may arise from the hereby Membership Agreement, FASHIONCRUZ’s official books and commercial records and the e-archive records kept in FASHIONCRUZ’s database and servers, electronic information and computer records will be considered binding, crucial and exclusive evidence and that this clause will be considered as an evidential contract in terms of the 193rd clause of the Civil Courts Law no.6100.

8.2. The hereby Membership Agreement will be exclusively governed by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey . Istanbul Consumer Arbitration Board and Istanbul (Caglayan) Courts and Enforcement Office shall have jurisdiction over the settlement of all kinds of dispute arising from the hereby Membership Agreement or related to this hereby Membership Agreement

8.3. FASHIONCRUZ will contact the Member via the e-mail address or by sending an SMS, details of which were provided by the Member during the membership process. The Member is responsible for keeping their e-mail address and telephone number up to date.

8.4. This hereby Membership Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties relating to the matter. , .Should any provision in this Membership Agreement is declared invalid in part or in full, inapplicable or unreasonable by an authorized court, arbitration commission or administrative authority, this Membership Agreement shall be deemed as severable to the extent of the invalidity, inapplicability or inadvisability in question, and remaining provisions shall continue to be in effect.

8.5. Members cannot completely or partially assign their rights or obligations specified in the hereby Membership Agreement without a prior written consent from FASHIONCRUZ.

8.6. Failure to exercise or perform any right granted to it under this Contract by either Party shall not be construed as a waiver of such right or shall not prevent future exercise or performance of such right.

As of the 8th clause onwards, this hereby Membership Agreement, will enter into force as from the moment the Member has read and acknowledged each provision in full and approved it in the electronic environment.


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